This list of ACPA Newsletters highlights the main articles which are still relevant today, or of particular historic interest. Back copies are always available as they can be photocopied. Please print off and post the form at the end.

No 1 (Autumn 83)

Chairman's letter

Plans for ACPA

Christian Belief and the Built Environment (Professor Bob Macleod)

Personal Response (1) (Richard Farnell)

Personal Response (2) (Ray Hall)

Exploring Churches - a review (Judi Loach)

Opinion: planners v designers? (Andrew Patrick)

No 2 (Spring 84)

Designing for Disabled people (Rosalind Brown)

Community Action and Concepts of Change - a review

A Cautionary Tale

No 3 (Autumn 84)

Access for Disabled People Up-date (Rosalind Brown)

Reflections on Development (Roger Millman)

Iconography in Town planning (Royston Edge)

The Planner - agent of social change? (K.V. Manning)

No 4 (1984)

Conference issue

Chairman's Report (Nicholas Rank)


Papers from theACPA Conference November 1984:

'Utopia and the Kingdom of God' (Stephen Travis)

'From Utopia to the Kingdom of God' (Robert Maguire)

Discussion Group Reports

'Paradise or Utopia' - an article on the conference theme (M D Underwood)

No 5 (Spring 85)

What ACPA said - results from the membership questionnaires (John Phillips)

'Design for Worship' report

Some thoughts on disablement (Peter Bennett Johnson)

Urban planning in the Third World (Nick Devas)

After 1984 - Architecture towards 2000 (Leslie Barker)

No 6 (Autumn 85)

'Assigned to Design' (Andrew Patrick)

'The Utopian Dream' (John R Gold)

The Master Architect Ministries

ACPA meets TCPA - Conference review

No 7 (Spring 86)

Who are the ACPA Committee?

'Utopia on Trial' - a Review Article (David Billingham)

Meaning is Inevitable - the style is not (Leslie Barker)

ACPA Mini-Symposium on Development Control (review by James Rogers)

No 8 (Summer 86)

The Christian in the Professions: Some Questions(Nick Isbister)

Reports: Design for Worship I

Design for Worship II

Review of Faith in the City (Leslie Barker)

No 9 (Autumn 86)

An Open Letter to Christian Students of Fine Art (Kim Kempshall)

The City Cries...Are We Listening? (David Watts)

Design for Worship: Hope in the City

Review of Richard Rogers - a Biography (Bob Thompson)

No 10 (Spring 87)

Theological Understanding of the Design of Places of Worship (Patrick Brock)

Report: Changes in Conservation (Leslie Barker)

Report: The New Architecture: An Exhibition of Work by Foster, Rogers and Stirling (Simon Marsh)

No 11 (Autumn 87)

Conference Report

Finding Security in an Insecure World (George Carey)

Discussion group reports from ACPA Conference 1987, 'Conservation: The Too Comfortable Option?'

Conservation for what, for whom? (Tony Walter)

Tribal Concerns: A Parting Shot from the Professional Group Secretary (Nick Isbister)

Report: International Evangelism among Architects (John Phillips)

Private Practice: Day Seminar

No 12 (Spring 88)

In the Market Place: Report of ACPA's presence at the UIA Congress, July 1987 (John Phillips)

A New Use for Westwood Mission (David Greenwood)

Reviews (Community Architecture and Green Finger of God)

No 13/14 (Winter 1988/9)

Development issue

Introduction: Development Control: Negative or Positive? (Andrew Patrick)

Power and Authority in Contemporary Society (Chris Sugden)

A Christian Planner and Development Control (Chris Caddy)

Drawing the Line - an Architect's Reflections (Nick Rank)

Chairman's Decision (Pete Broadbent)

Memo from the Chief Officer (Peter Robottom)

A Consultant Recommends... (Andrew Patrick)

No 15 (Spring 89)

'Is the City of God?' - Conference Report (Leslie Barker)

'No Mean Cities': A Christian Perspective on Urban Planning and Policy (Pat Dearnley)

Is the City of God? - A City Planner's View:

A Summary of Pete Broadbent's paper (David Billingham)

Review of 'MIMAR 27' exploring the spiritual in architecture

No 16 (Summer 89)

Excerpts from the Diary of a British Architect in America (Ken Mitchell)

Ashfield Architects: RIBA Journal Practice Profile (David Greenwood)

Autobiography for A C P A (David Thistlethwaite)

No 17 (Autumn 89)

Relying on Guidance, Eight Years in Tanzania (Anne Netherwood)

Conflict and Opportunities and the Bible Challenge (Christopher Sugden)

ACPA at UIA: Case Histories on Integrity (Nick Devas)

From the Professional Groups Secretary (David Thistlethwaite)

Impressions of Private Practice Seminar

No 18 (Spring 90)

The Lindos Affair: A Tale of Spiritual Aesthetics David Thistlethwaite)

Response to Prince Charles' A Vision of Britain (Leslie Barker)

Why Leisure?

Planners, Architects and Black Communities (Roger Boulter)

No 19 (Autumn 90)

Green Issues in a Multicultural Society (Leslie Barker)

Make Room for Dada (Doug LeBlanc)

Towards a Scenario for Practice in the '90s (Andrew Patrick)

No 20 (Spring 91)

Thinking Aloud about Beauty (David Thistlethwaite)

Planning for Cyclists (Roger Boulter)

National Planning Aid Conference 1990 at Lanchester Polytechnic (James Rogers)

Working and Witnessing (Dr Derek Munday)

No 21 (Autumn 91)

Reconciling Perceptions: Rural Building Aid in Uganda (Fred Jupe)

Quinlan Terry and Richard Rogers: A Comparison (David Thistlethwaite)

Architecture: Faith and Practice (David Greenwood)

Report: 'The Halo of Human Imagination' by Calvin Seerveld. London Lectures in Contemporary Christianity (Leslie Barker)

No 22 (Spring 92)

Faith in Practice: Maguire & Co.

Campion Hall by Lutyens: review by Ian Davis

Christian Perspectives on Planning:

Unitary Development Plans - The Sefton Experience (Simon Marsh)

Transylvanian Travels (Leslie Barker) - post-Ceaucescu

Review: Community Planning and Building

No 23 (Spring 93)

ACPA National Conference 1992, Liverpool: Saving the City

A Visit to Romania: 'Our past, present and future' (Raymond Hall)

Homelessness: A problem for Christian planners and architects? (Simon Marsh)

No 24 (Autumn 93)

Christ Church Spitalfields (Judi Loach)

The Idea of a Christian Architecture (Robert Macleod)

In Defence of Modernism (Robert Maguire)

From Relativism and Legalism to Love (David Thistlethwaite)

Style - Christian Validity? (Leslie Barker)

What Style Environmental Crisis? (Leslie Barker)

Stylistic Principles (Leslie Barker)

To Feast or to Fast? (Ian Davis)

Architectural Theory: A Discussion Paper (Nicholas Rank)

The Illusion of Style (Bob Thompson)

The Response of a Theologian (Stephen Williams)

No 25 (Autumn 94)

Conference on Homelessness

Biblical Overview of Home and Homelessness - John Atherton

Christian Responses to the Homelessness Problem - Ken Bartlett

Seminar - Bob Bailey

Reaction to the Proceedings

ACPA Buildings Tours, Shad Thames and Cambridge

No 26 (Winter 95)

Change to A4 format

Listening in to the Professionalism conference- David Thistlethwaite

St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge - Jeremy Blake

The Eternal City - Leslie Barker

No 27 (Summer 96)

Professionalism and the Architect: The Christian Challenge - David Cook

A Scientist's Perspective on Current Environmental

Problems and issues facing Christians in this field (both globally and more locally) - Colin A. Russell

Our Earth - His Earth: The Ecologist's Perspective - Peter Sturgess

Alexander 'Greek' Thomson - Leslie Barker

The Irresponsible Use of Resources - Leslie Barker

Review: Emigré Architects in Britain

No 28 (Winter 96)

In what should Christians meet? - Geoffrey Bennett

A Cambridge Four - Leslie Barker

Should we/how do we design green buildings? - David Fielder

Gillespie Kidd & Coia (exhibition review) - Leslie Barker

No. 29 (Summer 97)

The Christian in Practice - Richard Byrom

Place - Andrew Clark

Holy Ground? - James Rogers

The Twentieth Century and Wilford Stirling exhibition reviews (Leslie Barker)

No. 30 (Winter 97)

Housing Growth: Where shall we live?

ACPA Planning Theory Group

Drawing on Diversity: Women, Architecture and Practice, review (Leslie Barker)

Place - David Thistlethwaite

Notes on the ACPA Conference, 'The Christian in Practice'

No. 31 (Summer 98)

Housing Growth: An ACPA Member's View - Rosamund Codling

Denys Lasdun -A Paradigm of the Modern Movement in Britain -Leslie Barker

Shaker: The Art of Craftsmanship

Book Review: The Architecture of Empowerment

The John Ray Initiative

No. 32 (Winter 98-99)

A Passion for Servanthood - John L. Langston III

London Churches Conference on the Environment

Book Review: Witness at Work

UIA Beijing 1999 (plans which did not happen!)

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